Art al Vent XVII goes on

Picture Art al Vent XVII sigue adelante

There are many activities that have been suspended or postponed, but the City Council of Gata has the will to continue with the exhibition of works of Art al Vent that hosts the town every August. After conducting the relevant consultations, the Council of Culture, led by Angels Soler, has announced that Art al Vent XVII is continuing to implement the necessary security measures and variants to carry out the exhibition safely.

As Josep Ginestar, coordinator of the exhibitio of Art al vent, in addition to being a way of bringing contemporary art closer to the general population, has been untagged as it represents a commercial and touristic dynamization, at the same time as a cultural dynamization. It may be that this year this function is more necessary.

In addition, from the organization, they are aware of the added difficulties that participants encounter when making the shipments of the works. Since they have been selected authors from 16 countries around the world to participate at the edition of Art al Vent 2020. Therefore, the number of works that can finally be exhibited may vary from other editions.

The selected authors are from various nationalities and come from countries such as Spain, Germany, China. Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, Italy, France, Poland, Russia, Great Bretain, Chile, Argentina, United States of America, Belgium and Egypt.

The work reception phase is currently underway, as during the month of May and June the selected works must be sent to the Gata City Council. The council entrusted that everyone can arrive on time to move on to the next phase in which they photograph all the works to produce the printed catalogue that is made each year on the sample.



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